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Rice salad with cranberry and toasted pine nuts

For 4 persons:

300 g. Riso Flora Incontri di Riso – Mix
150 g. desiccate cranberries
80 g. Toasted pine nuts
6 spoons of olive oil

This salad is good to be taste either cold or hot; this recipe is able to combine the exceptional and nourishing properties of the rice with the bittersweet taste of the cranberries, the best berries with loads of virtues. First of all, you need to brown both pine nuts and cranberries in a non-stick pan with some olive oil. Pay attention while they’re on the hob, because they easily get burnt, so mix it often. Once pine nuts and cranberries are ready, begin to cook the rice: immerse it in a hot boiling water pot, already salted, and cook for at least 15 minutes. Finally, pour the rice into the pan together with pine nuts and cranberries; then cook for a few seconds together. Here is your rice salad, ready to be served!

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