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Risotto with pumpkin and balsamic vinegar

Ingredients for 3/4 persons

320 g Riso Flora Arborio
600 g pumpkin
400 g vegetal broth
80 g grated cheese
1 onion
30 g butter
Extravirgin olive oil
Salt and pepper
Balsamic Vinegar

A perfect recipe to enhance the perfumes and fall flavors.

In order to prepare Risotto with pumpkin and balsamic vinegar, you firstly need to cut the pumpkin in small pieces, removing the skin and then the fibers and seeds.

In a casserole, let brown the onion, previously fine minced, add Riso Flora Arborio, toast it for a few minutes and then blend it all with white wine. Now you can begin the cooking of the rice, slowly adding the vegetal broth, keeping on mixing it.

Add the pumpkin pieces and finish to cook the rice. Turn off the hob and cream both with grated cheese and butter.

Place the rice on a plate and decorate pouring some balsamic vinegar on it.

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