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Little timbale with rice,
ham and scamorza

Ingredients for 3 little timbale

300 g Riso Flora Carnaroli

100 g ham

150 g smoked provola cheese

50 g butter


Grated cheese

Salt and pepper

A tasty recipe, quick and easy to prepare rather than the traditional timbale.

In order to cook the little timbales made with scamorza and ham, you need to cook Riso Flora Carnaroli in a great amount of salted water, drip it and put it in a pot. Add the butter and mix.

Let it cold for ten minutes, add grated cheese, ham and provola, previously dice cut. Mix properly and then place the compound inside cutter of alluminium single-dose.

Flatten the rice with heal of a spoon.

Place the moulders onto a casserole and put it into the oven for 15 minutes at 180° celsius.

Deform the little timbales and place them on a nice plate, decorate at your pleasure with rosemary and black pepper, if you like.

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